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Marion accepting the 2009 USDF
Breeder of the Year award


2009 National USDF Awards:

  • Dressage and Sport Horse Breeder of the Year
  • Reserve Champion 3 Yr. Old Mare HOY Materiale Rio Rio
  • Many horses in top ten nationally in various categories and age groups
2009 Northwest Sport Horse Breeders Association Awards:
  • Horse of the Year - Rabenschwarz
  • Dressage Breeder of the Year
  • Hunter Breeder of the Year
  • Dressage Stallion of the Year Radikal
  • Hunter Stallion of the Year Radikal
  • Dressage Broodmare of the Year Hochkarat
  • Hunter Broodmare of the Year Hochkarat
  • Reserve Champions:
    • Rio Rio
    • Rajani
    • Sunshine

We are extremely proud of the success of Sophie Clifton with Wolkenkarat, as well as Patrick Billes and Laurel with Rabenschwartz during the 2009 Show Season and wish them well for the coming 2010 Show Season. We also look forward to a successful show season in 2010 for Jodie Cressman with Rajani, and for Christine Hawkins with Wolkensalineo. We rely on the success of these wonderful owners of the horses that we have bred, without whose efforts and support our work would be only half so rewarding.
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